We have the knowledge and experience to help businesses identify and develop effective blockchain applications. RedConet helps you develop and maintain Blockchain products, including financial trading web services, frameworks, and all sorts of software or hardware that are Blockchain related.

Blockchain Services

Our blockchain services includes ideating and consultation in order to find efficient decentralized solutions (with distributed ledger, smart contract and tokenization) to lunch MVP and development strategies.

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PoC & MVP Build Services

We develop and implement full-stack software engineering with blockchain and smart contract implementation to build your project from the ground up.

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Distributed ledger

We provide ledger with data, timestamps, transactions, previous hash, etc. to create your distributed ledger.

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Decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs)

We are experts of developing computer programs that operate rules trough platforms without being powered from central servers, based on our decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) knowledge.

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Decentralized applications (Dapp)

RedConet converts centralized structures of your app to decentralized form based on knowledge that our team have about developing decentralized applications.