Together we can make a difference

We always welcome creative minds to our team to create a better future together.

Shape your future:

Our services will open up global doors to you. We are constantly searching for talents that fit our job openings to keep our talent pool updated.  

Our Core Values

Redconet is determined to help you enter the decentralized world. Our Blockchain experts, strategists, and developers are committed to creating a better digital experience for millions of users by means of integrated innovative teamwork. 


Our commitment to excelling in whatever we take part in makes our teamwork results outstanding. We believe delivering high quality results to our customers is always crucial.


We love working as a team with our teammates and strategic partners. Considering the passion as the principle in everything we do makes team working one of our core values.


As a reputable international brand we are strict about maintaining high ethical quality and respecting our values.


We discover our clients’ enthusiasm and explore their strengths to define new approach of global standards based on what they need.

Interview Process

RedConet interview process is as follows:


Feel talented enough to join our team? Send us your resume right now. Your team working skills are as important as your talents and expertise.


We’ll be pleased to talk to you. Our interview includes preparatory talks about your skills and achievements as well as evaluating your work samples to get a better insight into your strengths and abilities.


We will send you an official job offer if you pass the first two steps successfully. You will join our one-week onboarding and preparation program if you accept the offer, and finally you will be one of us.

Get to know us better

At Redconet, we develop, lead, and enhance. Our mission is to develop and enhance the Blockchain services until people start taking the lead in their own business. 

You’ll have a chance to let your skills flourish in an environment that empowers innovation, collaboration, independence, and distinction. Let’s drive the world forward together.

We discover talents and help them improve their skills to prepare for the global business community.



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