Provide your business with exclusive tokenization solutions to ensure the utility and proper functionality of your decentralized ecosystem. Enhance the security of your company, and minimize the cost of compliance.

Tokenization Services

RedConet tokenization services include designing financial logic, and consultation about tokenomics. Our experts are passionate to share their DeFi, ICO, STO, IDO, IEO with our innovative customers.

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Token designing

We recognize the functionality of your token right after analyzing the ecosystem that is designed for your token operation. Finally, we will design the tokens in their best-suited form.

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Token market

By surveying your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), we design and execute a strategy to help you create a community based on your target market.

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Token supply

Exclusive supply and demand service for your tokens to help you recognize issues that may disrupt the token functionality.

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Token distribution

The distribution process affects the business massively and that is why it should take place under the observation of blockchain experts. Our experts provide you with a distribution plan to help you launch ICO/STO processes successfully.